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For Immediate Release

Carly Haffner
Pink Stink
January 11 through March 1, 2008
Opening Reception January 10, 6 — 9 pm

Werkstätte is pleased to present PINK STINK, Carly Haffner's first solo exhibition in New York.

Incorporating painting, drawing and sculpture Haffner creates a unique world inhabited by certain trademark creatures, some of her own invention, where the seemingly cute make dark sexual allusions related to her opinions on consumerism, and tell tales of environmental doom. Rendered crudely, horses and unicorns drink from mysterious pink pools of pollution; brightly colored cardboard cars and trucks spout trails of cotton exhaust from their tailpipes and often we see the trucks filled with adorable but morbid bags of trash. Recurring characters include several Godzilla types, a smiley face turned man with hearts for hands, a teddy bear girl whose mouth drools an unspecified liquid, a hot dog man, a dancing yam and a 1950's style super hero.

Having lived in San Francisco while receiving her BFA from California College of Arts and Crafts, the influence of the Mission School is readily apparent throughout Haffner's work. Commonplace/non-traditional art materials are pervasive including magic markers, recycled cardboard, children's "googly eyes", oak tag, run-of-the-mill copy paper, tubes from finished paper towel rolls, and black Sharpies.

As a child growing up in East Hampton, Haffner made weekend trips to the city to visit Keith Haring's POP Shop. We have created a true to form coloring book, similar to a Keith Haring version she purchased there, to accompany the exhibit. The included drawings were culled from a series made by Haffner on copy paper with black Sharpie markers.

Haffner is a member of the Hamptons-based art collective, Bonac Tonic, and shows frequently throughout the Hamptons, specifically at Silas Marder Gallery. Haffner lives and works in New York City.

The exhibition runs through March 1, 2008. The gallery hours are Tuesday - Saturday, 11-6pm. The gallery is located at 55 Great Jones Street, NY, NY. If you require further information, please call 212 228 2996 or email